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chloe Sevigny perfume

Chloe Sevigny Says Her New Perfume Is About Being a Lady, Not an “It Girl”

The perennially stylish actress talks about her first fragrance and how she "rose" to the occasion
los angeles perfumers scents of la

Meet the Indie Perfumers Who Are Making Scents of L.A.

What's that smell? A local small-batch fragrance revolution

L.A. Archetype: Perfume Spritzer

When it comes to her work, fragrance expert Loretta Owens likes to spray it, not say it

Spooky, Sexy Accessories You Can Wear Before and After Halloween

We've picked a casket of accessories for you to carry and wear on the 31st

How to Think About L.A.’s Headiest Perfume

Alia Raza and Ezra Woods' perfumes are made in L.A., but the two draw inspiration from distant places and times

Pick a Single, Signature Flower This Summer

Scents and accessories that put one bud forward feel extra fresh

A Neighborhood by Neighborhood Guide to L.A.-Perfect Perfumes

Beverly Hills, Silver Lake, and DTLA have unique scents. Why not shop like it?

Beauty Counter Intelligence: A Fragrance for Humans and Everything Else, Too

Diptyque’s new launch is quite the multitasker