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L.A. City Council’s Paul Krekorian Delivers Epic Rant On Progressive Candidates

Cityside Column: The veteran council member and budget expert responds to a shift in the political landscape.
Nithya Raman

Is Nithya Raman About to Lose Her Seat?

The councilwoman may lose 70 percent of her district if a controversial redistricting plan moves ahead

My LA to Z: William Shatner

The TV legend (and Priceline pitchman) takes us along on a motorcycle ride to Malibu and an international dining tour of the San Fernando Valley
Gun Control

Los Angeles City Council Pulls the Trigger on New Gun Control Measure

The councilman behind L.A.’s latest firearms laws tells us he’s not ready to “let the issue rest”

City Hall Lights Up Purple This Week in Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide

2015 marks the centennial of the tragic events

Cracks Are Whack: L.A. City to Spend $1.4 Billion to Fix and Upgrade Sidewalks

In 30 years it should be lovely to walk or ride a wheelchair down the street