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Paul Haggis Found Liable for $7.5 Million in New York Rape Suit

The jury also ordered additional punitive damages to be awarded, at an amount to be determined at a later date

Paul Haggis Defense Team Calls Friends, Daughter To Testify at Rape Trial

The Oscar-winning director and screenwriter (and notable ex-Scientologist) stands accused by publicist Haleigh Breest of rape in 2013

At Paul Haggis Rape Trial, Jane Doe #3 Alleges More Disturbing Behavior

The witness-accuser went as far as changing Haggis’s name on her cell phone from “Paul" to “Motherfucker" to more readily ID him

Jane Doe #2 Takes the Stand in Paul Haggis New York Rape Trial

“This was not romantic, this was not flirtatious. It was terrifying,” screenwriter Haggis' unnamed accuser testified on Tuesday

Opening Arguments Begin in Oscar Screenwriter Paul Haggis’s Rape Trial

Haggis’s side argued that either it didn’t happen, or that the accuser was an agent of Scientology, or that she wants money

Paul Haggis Hit with Pre-Trial Defeat Before Rape Case

Haggis, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Crash, is accused of raping publicist Haleigh Breest after a film premiere in New York in January 2013

Paul Haggis is Allowed to Blame Scientology in Sex Assault Trial

The ruling means that the church will also be an issue in next month's rape trial of Scientologist Danny Masterson

Filmmaker Paul Haggis Arrested In Italy Amid New Rape Accusation

The Oscar-willing director of "Crash" has previously suggested that accusations leveled against him are revenge for his defection from Scientology.

The Fabulist: Paul Haggis Reflects on His Career

His scenario of how a middle-aged sitcom veteran became one of Hollywood's most sought-after writer-directors may be the unlikeliest tale he’s ever told