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The MOCA Benefit Brought Out Big Stars and Really Good Fashion

The art wasn't the only thing to ogle at the museum's 40th anniversary benefit
pathway to paris los angeles

Patti Smith, Tony Hawk, and Other Celebs Are Performing in L.A. to Fight Climate Change

Pathway to Paris is bringing stars together for climate action–and they want you to be there

Patti Smith

Horses, her 1975 debut album, laid the groundwork for a sound that would define NYC’s punk scene. At this gig she reprises the historic release with her band

6 Awesome Things to Do This Weekend, 1/8

The calendar is packed with cheeseburgers, Star Wars, and Renaissance Banquet Literature

An Evening with Patti Smith

The musician and artist’s National Book Award winner Just Kids reflected on her life with photographer Robert Mapple­thorpe in New York’s rock music scene. She reads from her new...

Patti Smith

Between her stints as a poet, a photographer, an author, and a mom, Smith keeps the flame of the New York punk scene burning.

12 Things to do in L.A. This Weekend

Teatime with Jane Austen, surfboard art, experimental ballet, and a visit from the godmother of punk

Golden Globes 2015: Why the Best Song Category is Secretly the Best Thing

The Best Song category at the Golden Globes is a cornucopia of kitsch, camp, and sheer pop music brilliance. We dug through the award show annals for some of the best tunes that won