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ben schwartz

Where Would Jean-Ralphio Party in L.A.? Only Ben Schwartz Knows

The Parks and Rec actor talks holograms, Entertainment 720, and his two-man comedy show with Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch

Thomas Middleditch Has a Super Weird Way of Eating Grilled Cheese

The Silicon Valley star on The Bachelor, Sir Patrick Stewart, and his fascinating snack habits

Adam Scott Doesn’t Really Understand Your Obsession With Li’l Sebastian

The actor is back in Fox's Ghosted (premiering October 1)

Nick Offerman Is Better at Eating Than You Are

The writer and actor takes a break from comedy touring (with his wife) and book writing (with himself) to bring the story of McDonald’s to life

The City’s Most Colorful Parklet Is Now Open

As if Highland Park didn't have enough local color
Clifton’s Cafeteria

Scene It Before: Clifton’s Cafeteria

The iconic eatery reopening next week has appearances in Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, and Gangster Squad on its resume
Andy Samberg

5 Andy Samberg Characters We Hope Make an Appearance at the Emmys

Fingers crossed that Shy Ronnie isn't too shy to show up