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The Hidden Costs of Parking Signs That Are Easy to Read

Clearly worded posts are good for drivers, tough on city coffers

If You Build An Easier Valet, Drivers Will Come

At least that's what the makers of the CurbStand app, which allows users to pay and tip their phones, are banking on

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City Hall Considers Limiting Parking Ticket Fees to $23

A new proposal could put caps on citation costs

Stars, They’re Not Like Us: They Can Afford Speeding Tickets

The city’s citation obsession is at an all time high, but do these fines fit the crime?

Parking Protection Program: New Law Outs Fake Valets

City council now requires valets to have permits, licenses, and designated parking lots

Robo Garages: L.A.’s Newest Valets Won’t Be Needing a Tip

Automatic parking structures are not quite as cool as flying cars, but they might be the future solution to L.A.’s growing parking problem

That’s the Spot: 3 Ways to Beat L.A.’s Crazy Parking Rules

How to make parking a little less horrible (and costly)