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West hollywood parking ticket street sweeping

This May Be the Reason You Haven’t Gotten a Parking Ticket in a While

The city of Los Angeles has been giving out less parking tickets as of late because they haven't been able to hire enough enforcement officers
parking minimums downtown

Will Doing Away with Parking Minimums Be Good for DTLA?

The idea is to make development cheaper and encourage people to use greener modes of transport—but will that be the case?
free parking

Before You Feed That Meter, Here’s When L.A. Doesn’t Enforce Certain Parking Restrictions

Indigenous Peoples' Day is one of 10 holidays when L.A.'s parking enforcement officers give it a rest
yo maximize parking signs echo park

An Echo Park Man Is Taking a Stand Against People Who Are Bad at Street Parking

Derek Boonstra's signs implore you to maximize curb space, yo

4 Ways to Get to the Parking Lot-Deprived Culver City Metro Stop

One of the rail system’s most popular stations is losing its 585 spots

Google Maps Can Now Tell How Nightmarish Parking Will Be

A new feature makes it easier to decide, 'Should we just Uber?'

Metro Wants to Expand Paid Parking at Rail Stations

Free rides along Gold, Green, Red line stops likely ending

Disneyland Plans Major Parking Shakeup With 7-Story Garage and Pedestrian Bridge

The amusement park is desperately trying to prepare for the arrival of Star Wars Land

What to Know About the New Vegas Parking Fees

MGM Resorts announces prices, start date for new rates