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Curtain Call: Christopher Gattelli Puts the Bounce in the Newsies’ Steps

Playing at Pantages, the former Disney fiasco turned cult classic’s second life as a successful musical is in no small part due to the Tony Award winning choreographer’s work
Things to do in L.A.

9 Fun Things to do in L.A. This Weekend

Amy Schumer, classic psych rock, a monster convention, and a an outdoor book fest

Show’s Over, Soup’s on: Where to Eat After a Big Night Out

The applause may have ended, but your appetite is still screaming. Here’s where to quell the hunger pangs near L.A.’s cultural mainstays

Curtain Call: A Pair of Elders Believe in the “Book of Mormon”

Two by two David Larsen and Cody Jamison Strand man up in the Tony Award-winning musical from the creators of South Park

Slide Show: Hollywood In Miniature

Artist Jeff Matsuno shrinks some of Chris Nichols' favorite landmarks

Curtain Call: John Stefaniuk is the Mane Man at the Lion King

“We have nine productions around the world. They are each The Lion King, but each has a voice and a feeling that is unique.”

Mike Tyson’s Newest Arena: The Theater

The troubled former boxer earned raves in New York for Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth. This weekend, it comes to the Pantages.

Adam Levine

L.A. is not a normal city. You grow up seeing people—a politician, an actor, a musician: “Oh, that’s so-and-so!” It made me indifferent to it. It was just part...