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There’s No Way a Movie Version of Cats Can Live Up to the Experience of Seeing it Live

So many leg warmers, so much talent on stage at the Pantages

I Won the Hamilton Lottery

For the "young, scrappy, and hungry," $10 tickets are a dream come true

Here’s the Latest on Los Angeles Hamilton Tickets

San Francisco tickets just went on sale, and we're next

These Photos Will Transport You to a Neon-Soaked 1930s Hollywood

If Google Street View existed in the Art Deco era, Hollywood Boulevard would have looked like this


Songwriter Carole King is the subject of a musical that traces her journey from child of Brooklyn to the force behind a global wave of pop blockbusters in the...

Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles

The long-standing tribute band presents note-for-note covers

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage

Boldly go where no nerd has gone before

The Illusionists—Live from Broadway Pantages Theatre

Body-shocking contortions and death-defying stunts are the norm for these contemporary tricksters

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing features the hit songs “Hungry Eyes,” “Hey Baby” and “Do You Love Me?”

Neil Young, Christina Applegate, and Jack Black Lit Up the Pantages for Autism Speaks

Brad Pitt also bought a signed guitar, which contributed $23,000 toward autism research and support