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Justin Bieber Breaks Into the Cannabis Biz with Peaches Pre-Rolls

The singer is collaborating with the Los Angeles-based cannabis company Palms on a new smokable product

The World’s Largest Hooters Will Open in Las Vegas

It will be poolside at the Palms, which also has great Szechuan food, because nothing is too over-the-top in Vegas

The Doughroom Opens in Palms Tomorrow

Pasta, pizza, and more from the guy behind Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen.

Your Guide To The Palms In Palms

Know Your Palms art project inspires folks to look for L.A.'s iconic tree.

What’s in a Name? Niki Nakayama on the Origins of n/naka

This is the story of an L.A. sushi chef's love for fish.

Roy Choi’s Chego Moving to Chinatown?

Is Chego leaving its Palms outpost and heading to Chinatown, adding a new location, or c) none of the above?

Chego Hits the Streets… er, the Parking Lot?

The Chego kitchen is closed for repairs for a while, but not to worry: a Chego Truck is setting up in the parking lot to fill the void.