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Framed: The Stuff of Life Looks Like an Angel of Death in “Col Noir”

A new June Wayne retrospective presents a lifelong artistic explorer

Mark Ryden: Midnight in the Garden of Kitsch

To those unfamiliar with Mark Ryden — an artist with the painstaking eye of an Old Master and a baroque passion for detail — the motifs of his work read like a checklist of oddities.

2/13 month: Yellow Pages Ads From The (213) Years: Carter Sexton

For decades, all of L.A. was united under the 213 area code. The iconic digits were easy to dial on rotary phones, and the coveted low numbers (New York’s 212 and Chicago’s 312) were reserved for big cities. I let my fingers do the walking through my collection of old L.A. phone books and found these awesome Yellow Pages ads from vintage L.A. companies still thriving in 2013.  

Wild Man: Llyn Foulkes Finally Gets His Retrospective

Llyn Foulkes is mad, in every sense of the word. He’s angry, opinionated, a tormented genius—and he’ll be the first one to tell you.

Syrian Artist Paints the Revolution

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Syrian painter Fadia Afashe has plenty to talk about. Born and raised in Damascus, Afashe was an established artist who left her homeland in 2011.