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CityDig: Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Mount Lowe’s Enchanting Defunct Railroad

This 1913 map shows a railway that was even more enchanting than Angels Flight

Inside L.A.’s Dark Network of Deserted Underground Tunnels

Exploring the abandoned railway beneath downtown Los Angeles

L.A. Freeway Fun Map

Boston design firm creates stylish new guide to L.A. freeways

CityDig: DayTrippin’ on The Pacific Electric Trolley

This familiar map by D.W. Pontius, traffic manager of the Pacific Electric streetcar system, has appeared many times in many sources

CityDig: Hiking in the Wonderful Mountains of Southern California in 1918

This map was developed with R.H. Charlton, the director of the Angeles National Forest (which was fairly new at the time), to enlighten locals about the rural areas that could suddenly be reached by streetcar in 1918.