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Academy Says Will Smith Was Asked to Leave Oscars But He Refused

The Board of Governors have begun official disciplinary proceedings
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In Meta Moment, O.J. Simpson Says ‘I Understand’ Attack on Chris Rock

The accused double-murderer said he understands why Will Smith slapped Chris Rock—and Rock once said the same about O.J.

Will Smith May Have Slapped Himself Out of Another Oscar Nomination

The Academy is actually considering punishing the troubled Oscar-winner for having never learned to keep his hands to himself

Celebs Cross Picket Lines at Jay-Z’s Chateau Marmont Oscars Party

Jay-Z and his rich and famous pals turned scab Sunday to attend a fancy party despite workers’ pleas for solidarity

The Academy ‘Condemns’ Will Smith in Oscars Postmortem

Meanwhile, an industry source says Oscars bosses seriously considered tossing Smith from the ceremony

Anne Rice’s Son Reacts to ‘In Memoriam’ Oscars Snub

The "Vampire Chronicles” author saw many of her books turned into major films, including ”Interview with the Vampire” and ”Queen of the Damned”

Howard Stern Says Oscars Slap Proves ‘Bitch’ Will Smith is a Madman

The King of All Media declared Smith "disturbed" after the Best Actor swung on Chris Rock for making fun of Jada Pinkett Smith

Oscars Review: CODA’s Historic Win Upstaged by Will Smith and the Slap Seen ‘Round the World

Sunday's telecast may not have been how the Academy drew it up, but everyone is talking about the Oscars

The Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscar Smack Seen Around the World

From Diddy’s reaction to Denzel Washington's advice—here’s everything we know about the Academy Awards altercation so far

Oscars Winners 2022: See The List

CODA, Dune, Jessica Chastain, and Will Smith amongst the top Academy Awards winners