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13 Times This Mural of Leonardo DiCaprio Will Make Everything OK

It's like a motivational kitten poster, only better

Next Time You’re in Jordan, Stand Where Matt Damon Stood While Filming The Martian

Two other 2016 Oscar nominees were also shot in the Middle Eastern nation

There’s a Gold Statue of a Stripper on Hollywood Boulevard Right Now

Plastic Jesus unveiled his latest Oscars-themed installation

The Oscar Statue Gets a Makeover

The new Academy Award has sharper eyes, a more defined mouth, and it looks like he's been working out.

This is What It’s Like to Photograph the Oscars—and Hollywood’s Most Famous Faces

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How to Drink Like Mad Max, Mark Watney, and Hugh Glass This Oscar Sunday

Let us be your sommelier for movie and cocktail pairings

Wait, Whaaa? These 10 Great Films Never Won a Single Oscar

Straight Outta Compton may have been excluded from a place among the best picture nominees, but at least it's not alone

Gown With the Wind: The True Story of an Oscar Dress Heist

The most talked about gown on last year's red carpet didn’t appear on worst dressed lists—it disappeared. Here's what really happened

The Academy Approves a Series of Changes to Avoid Another #OscarsStillSoWhite Disaster

A unanimous vote by the Board of Governors is designed to increase diversity