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Where to Toast the Oscars

Statuesque sips around town

Your 2014 Oscars Ballot

Play along at home with this ballot, arranged in the order we think the winners of the 86th Academy Awards will be announced

CityDig: X Marks the Oscars

Oscars have not always been handed out within the boundaries of this map, but there are a number of landmarks seen on this pictorial chartogram that have played host to the show

People Skills

If there is a common thread to the films of 2013, it’s just how unlikable the characters are

Five Things You Don’t See At the Oscars

Does this metal detector make my butt look big? And other things you won’t see at the Academy Awards

An Open Apology: It’s Almost Oscar Time. That Means I Will Be Half Naked Somewhere Near You

This Seen Queen flashes her Spanx all over town, but she only feels bad about it sometimes

Fact and Fiction: What’s the Deal with All Those Movies “Based on a True Story”?

This year, six of the nine Best Picture nominees are based on true events and 47 of the 117 Oscar nominations have gone to people working on such films

Back to Basics: Why the Academy Awards Should Return to the Music Center

Oscar night used to be cinema’s coolest cocktail party thanks in large part to the downtown performance space, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year

Meet the Steampunk Puppy that is Nipping at Mickey Mouse’s Heels

This year's Oscar nominated animated shorts are screening at the Nuart for the next two weeks. The House of Mouse is a likely frontrunner, but we've got some other favorites

No Big Surprises But A Few Snubs at 2014 Oscar Nominations

Sorry about that, Tom Hanks, Lee Daniels, and the wigs in American Hustle.