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Dessert Doppelgangers: Oscars 2014

They dressed in Prada, Dior, and frilly frosting

The Oscars: Think the Show Was Good? Backstage Was Even Better

Pharrell's “Happy” defined the ceremony for this Seen Queen. Check out the scoop and pictures from the Governors Ball

The Most Memorable Moments from Last Night’s Oscars

Hint: Many were musical and almost none included Ellen DeGeneres

2014 Oscars: And the Winners Are…

How did one of the most poorly reviewed Oscar contenders of the year win almost as many statues as one of the most acclaimed?

Pre-Oscar Parties: Oscar Wilde Bash Honoring the Irish in Film

The party was so good that no one minded that the two honorees —Conan O’Brien and YouTube Founder Chad Hurley—have never been in a movie

Vintage Los Angeles: Boys Near the Hood

Chauffeurs gather to watch the 1979 Oscar ceremony outside the Music Center

Event Alert: Eat the Oscars at Mar’sel

The oceanside resort hosts a viewing party complete with Oscar-inspired dishes

Quest List

Seen Queen Kari Mozena imagines a seating chart for her dream dinner table at the Academy Award's Governors Ball