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The Most Iconic Recipes from Classic L.A. Restaurants Revealed

The Cobb salad from the Brown Derby became iconic, the spicy tuna dip from Carlos ’n Charlie’s… not so much

Counter Programming: A Lost Orson Welles Film and a Beautiful Polish Movie

Your guide to the best indie films of the weekend—popcorn not included

The Essential Movie Library #44: Touch of Evil (1958)

This is one of those strange movies where the stars happened to align, even if in the form of a corpse among the constellations.

Counter-Programming: What Movies to Watch this Weekend if You Want to Avoid the Blockbusters

With the Los Angeles Film Festival behind us and summer blockbusters (Man of Steel, World War Z, The Lone Ranger) hitting multiplexes weekly, it's nice to know there are some under-the-radar alternatives.

The Essential Movie Library #12: Citizen Kane (1941)

The story of a newspaper tycoon told after his death by those who knew him or thought they did, and just a gunshot short of noir.

The Essential Movie Library #4: The Third Man (1949)

Morality and loyalty collide in post-war Vienna where American pulp hack Joseph Cotton hunts down old buddy Orson Welles, whose involvement in the black market has left on his indifferent hands the blood of children