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Curtain Call: When it Comes to La Traviata, the Waiting Was the Hardest Part for Nino Machaidze

The Soprano waited years before taking on Violeta, one of the most famous and most demanding roles in opera

Q&A: Opera Queen Renée Fleming Takes on Los Angeles

Turns out the Super Bowl and the LA Opera do have something in common

Curtain Call: Porgy and Bess, Keeping the Gershwin Legacy Alive—With a Little Controversy

Ira Gershwin’s nephew, Michael Strunsky, offers candid thoughts about the new version of Gershwin’s opera

We Sent a Writer to Tweet an Opera

The view from the "tweet seats" of LA Opera's experimental production of "The Magic Flute" looks pretty good.

Curtain Call: An Invisible Opera in the Very Visible Union Station

Yuval Sharon on Invisible Cities: "My first thought was, ''This can’t work.'"

Curtain Call: Grant Gershon Launches Los Angeles Master Chorale’s 50th Season

"If I conduct the 'Torreador Song' during Tallis, we’ve got problems."

America’s Next Top Singing Star: Carl Reiner

Conan O'Brien talks the TV legend into belting out a tune.

Magical Maestros: Three Amazing Musical Moments In One L.A. Weekend

Encounters with electronica, opera, and ukulele are awe-inspiring.

This Weekend: The Flying Dutchman

Costumes help bring an otherworldly opera about a ghost ship to life.