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Q&A: Opera Queen Renée Fleming Takes on Los Angeles

Turns out the Super Bowl and the LA Opera do have something in common

Curtain Call: Porgy and Bess, Keeping the Gershwin Legacy Alive—With a Little Controversy

Ira Gershwin’s nephew, Michael Strunsky, offers candid thoughts about the new version of Gershwin’s opera

We Sent a Writer to Tweet an Opera

The view from the "tweet seats" of LA Opera's experimental production of "The Magic Flute" looks pretty good.

Curtain Call: An Invisible Opera in the Very Visible Union Station

Yuval Sharon on Invisible Cities: "My first thought was, ''This can’t work.'"

Curtain Call: Grant Gershon Launches Los Angeles Master Chorale’s 50th Season

"If I conduct the 'Torreador Song' during Tallis, we’ve got problems."

America’s Next Top Singing Star: Carl Reiner

Conan O'Brien talks the TV legend into belting out a tune.

Magical Maestros: Three Amazing Musical Moments In One L.A. Weekend

Encounters with electronica, opera, and ukulele are awe-inspiring.

This Weekend: The Flying Dutchman

Costumes help bring an otherworldly opera about a ghost ship to life.