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Amy Sklar Honors Her Mother’s Memory One Outfit at a Time

The interior designer finds healing in clothing

For Most College Football Players, the NFL is a Pipe Dream

Excelling at your sport is one thing. Making it to the Pros is another. Courtney Morgan wants athletes to embrace the difference

The Surprising Wisdom of Waze

The purpose of the straight-talking app was to beat traffic. It became an unexpected guide to the city

What it Means to Come Home When Home is L.A.

There’s no point stealing back into the city when there are so many rituals for celebrating a return

The Good Soldier: Mikal Vega

With the VA under fire, one wounded warrior turns to the healing arts in his recovery

Parent Trap

The Jason Patric custody fight questions what defines a dad

Page Turner

One of the joys of summer is getting lost in a good book

Drought Tolerance

When everything’s green, it isn’t always clear who’s feeling the pain

Tough Love: Mickey Kantor Speaks Out

The cochair of the Los Angeles 2020 Commission had harsh things to say about L.A. Now here’s the good news

True Grit

Jennifer Lawrence is funny, unpretentious, and soaring to a new kind of stardom. Can Hollywood keep up?