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Digging Deep in the Never Ending Battle to Extend the 710

Why one South Pasadena resident is conflicted over L.A.’s version of a bigger canal
Let’s go dancing

Going Out After Your Twenties: The Beat Goes On

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage, and booze, to satisfy a serious need to shake your groove thing

When Did Knowing Your Neighbors Become Quaint?

Too often the chance to feel part of a community stops at the garden gates
L.A. chefs

The Wisdom of L.A.’s First Couple of Foraging

Los Angeles is a city built for rummaging around
Jordan Downs housing project

Finding Fathers in Watts

Inside the Jordan Downs housing project, a group of men strive to be the parents they never had
Open City

The Quiet History of Death with Dignity in Los Angeles

Long before the proposed bill allowing California physicians to prescribe life-ending meds to terminally ill patients who are mentally competent, there was talk of kinder, gentler ends

The Strange Beauty of L.A.’s Abandoned Sofas

The city's streets are fertile ground for cast-off couches. Just ask photographer Andrew Ward

The Kobe Factor

The show put on by the Laker superstar, whose 19th season is coming to an early end because of a torn rotator cuff, remains a solo act

Will Slow and Steady Progress Add Up for Eric Garcetti?

The mayor has focused on pesky but manageable problems: potholes, city computers, parking tickets. Some bigger issues loom