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It Happened This Week in L.A. History: The 99% Take to The Streets

Angelenos took to the streets of L.A. protesting the Wall Street bailouts

Jeff Goldblum on Gemütlichkeit and Gooseberry Pie

Actor Jeff Goldblum discusses his favorite farmers' markets

Quick Take: The Black Box by Michael Connelly

LAPD detective Harry Bosch is working a cold case from the 1992 riots: the shooting of a female journalist in South-Central. If only he could uncover the metaphorical “black box” that would explain her death

Meet the Bloggers: Bill Esparza

All this week we’re celebrating the debut of our four new Digest blog contributors. Next up in the hot seat is Mexican food master and tequila aficionado Bill Esparza.

Robert Goulet’s Golden Weenie Up For Auction

When the Robert Goulet hit it big, he thanked his aunt Alice for her unconditional support by gifting her this memento. She left it to him when she died, and now it might be yours for the opening bid of $900.

DispL.A. Case #20: The Golden Spike

The history of Los Angeles as told through a 9¼-ounce, 5-7/16 inches-long fastener fashioned out of “San Gabriel gold.”

The SEEN: Chrysalis Expands Downtown

I’ve been covering Chrysalis’s big fundraiser, called The Butterfly Ball, for years in the SEEN. It is an uber-fancy affair set at impressive manses all over town that raise dough for the non-profit. Chrysalis is dedicated to helping homeless and low-income people by providing job training and the resources needed to find and retain employment. Their fundraising galas are fancy, star-studded affairs. The shindig for the multi-million dollar expansion and renovation of the org’s Downtown facility was definitely a smaller todo, but what it lacked in glitz it made up for in heart. Supporters mingled and heard success stories from clients like Kenneth Barfield and Lanita Fields. “If you utilize the program to the fullest, it will work for you. This facility is a ray of hope,” said Barfield.  

Gingerbread Oreos Hit Shelves, Santa Stoked

OK, it’s more than a little weird when it’s 93 degrees outside and the Grove has its Christmas tree up. But there is a plus to celebrating the Holidays...

Meed the Bloggers: Eddie Lin

All this week we’re celebrating the debut of our four new Digest blog contributors. Sure, we know about their accomplishments, their publications, and their resumes—but who are these fine foodie...

Made in L.A.: Carmella Designer Katheryn Rice’s Old Hollywood Inspirations

Many talented fashion designers create jobs and boost the economy by manufacturing here in L.A. Katheryn Rice, whose Carmella line is modeled by singer-songwriter Ciscandra Nostalghia here, is one of them.