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Forty-Four Minutes of Mayhem: Recounting The North Hollywood Bank Robbery of 1997

It is perhaps the city’s most haunting armed confrontation—a botched robbery at a bank on Laurel Canyon Boulevard on February 28, 1997.

Tonga Hut: A Nightlife Oasis in North Hollywood

Though Tonga Hut is not L.A.’s most famous tiki bar, it is the oldest, and this month the watering hole celebrates its 55th birthday.

Are You Ready For This Jelly? Jellyfish Soup at Sanamluang

Thailand's Yen Ta Fo soup is pretty in pink—in North Hollywood

Location, Location, Location: L.A. Locales Before They Were Famous

For the past 25 years, location scout Lori Balton has snapped various L.A. spots in the hopes they'll be used on the silver screen. Here, she shares some of her favorites.

CONFIRMED: Henry’s Tacos Has Found a New Home

Nearby Studio Sub is closing today, longtime Henry's Tacos employees to take over the space and re-open as soon as mid-March.

Has Henry’s Tacos Found A New Home?!

It sounds like the historic hard-shell taco slinger is relocating to Tujunga Village.

2/13 month: Yellow Pages Ads From The (213) Years: Carter Sexton

For decades, all of L.A. was united under the 213 area code. The iconic digits were easy to dial on rotary phones, and the coveted low numbers (New York’s 212 and Chicago’s 312) were reserved for big cities. I let my fingers do the walking through my collection of old L.A. phone books and found these awesome Yellow Pages ads from vintage L.A. companies still thriving in 2013.  

Video Village With Ask Chris: Jurassic Garden Going Extinct?

Ancient plant rarities at a steep discount

Secret Ingredient: Skin Is In at Sri Siam

What makes the Thai duck curry at North Hollywood's Sri Siam so quacking good? It's all about showing some skin.