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Nightlife: The RG Club

Rising from the ashes of beloved dive bar the Red Garter, this space feels like Little Tokyo’s Blue Whale jazz club brought west.

Steve Edelson, Party of One

He’s been shot, knifed, hounded by police, and shut down by the city. The story of L.A.’s nightlife wouldn’t be the same without Steve Edelson

Farewell, Dance Right

Launched in July 2006, Dance Right, held on Thursdays at La Cita in, will bid adieu.

Sassafras: Southern Hospitality, Hollywood Style

Spin the roulette wheel at the newish New Orleans-themed watering hole for a chance to sip your drinks for free.

Gone Clubbing: A Q&A with Dave Gardetta About His December Profile of Nightclub Owner Steve Edelson

Steve Edelson has launched more nightlife venues in the city than anybody else and has built a reputation for being brilliant and volatile. Dave Gardetta, who profiles Edelson in our December issue, talks with executive editor Matthew Segal about the story—and about being a storyteller.