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Megan Mullally is Playing Largo, and We Talked to Her About It Because How Could We Not?

Tickets to see her band Nancy And Beth are still available

Nick Offerman Is Better at Eating Than You Are

The writer and actor takes a break from comedy touring (with his wife) and book writing (with himself) to bring the story of McDonald’s to life
Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman

The actor and author gives us his L.A. Story

The Essence of Manhood: Nick Offerman’s “American Ham” Burger

Now available at The Oinkster in Eagle Rock.

TONIGHT: Billy Jack Goes Crazy at LACMA

Billy Jack is one of the weirder action movies you'll ever come across.

Robert Downey Jr. Gives Cinefamily Early Christmas Present

The question isn't "Who showed up at Cinefamily this weekend?" The question is, "Who didn't?"