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California Pedestrians Will Soon Be Free to Jaywalk

Taking effect in 2023, citations that have been known to disproportionality effect people of color will stop—so long as it’s safe to cross.

Gov. Newsom Spikes Bill To End Indefinite Solitary Confinement

Newsom said the bill "establishes standards that are overly broad and exclusions that could risk the safety of both the staff and incarcerated population within these facilities."

Governor Newsom Sends Mandatory Kindergarten Bill to Detention

Saying the measure was too “costly,” Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would require all California kids to attend kindergarten

Newsom Vetoes Safe Injection Site Law Meant to Slow CA OD Deaths

Newsom killed a bill to reduce state overdose deaths citing “unintended consequences” like finding areas to host stoned addicts

Will a 45-mile Underground Tunnel Solve the SoCal Water Crisis?

Gov. Newsom on Wednesday revealed the plans for a new underground tunnel to transport water from the Sacramento River to Southern California

CA to Fight Soaring Insulin Prices by Making its Own, Says Newsom

Big Pharma jacked insulin prices by orders of magnitude—now California might oppose the profiteering drug hustlers with a home brew

LA Launches Pilot Program That Redirects 911 Incidents to Mental Health Workers

"We know that mental health is best treated by mental health experts,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said.