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The Real Story Behind Last Night’s Hostage Situation

By now you've probably heard about the hostage situation that occurred last night at the Howard Hughes Center. The police are still piecing it together, but most of what we know about it we didn't learn from official news outlets.

El Segundo Brewing Co. Beers Available in Bottles Soon

El Segundo Brewing Company has come a long way since opening its doors less than two years ago. A recent Facebook post from ESBC “partner/chief rainmaker” Tom Kelley (yes, that’s what’s printed on his business cards) hinted that the brewery’s first bottled beers are on their way. In the name of research, I felt compelled to stop by and check it out for myself.

Henry’s Tacos May Remain Open

51-year-old Henry's Tacos in North Hollywood has a potential buyer, and may be able to stay open after all.

Fire Temporarily Closes Du-Par’s in Studio City

Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery in Studio City is temporarily closed after a fire broke out just before 11 p.m. Tuesday night.

Supermarket Sweep: Fresh & Easy to Close?

Fresh & Easy markets may be up for grabs soon or shuttered altogether after losing $1.5 billion since debuting in 2007.