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Must Do: Canter’s

If you eat artisanal pickles, bacon-wrapped matzo balls, and “ketchup leather,” it’s time to go back to basics

Must Do: Hollywood Forever

Our Père Lachaise is the finest place to watch John Huston’s classic (he’s buried at the cemetery) or any of the flicks projected on Rudolph Valentino’s mausoleum nearly every Saturday night in the summer.

Must Do: The Central Library

One of the world’s largest and most majestic book repositories has an eight-story atrium, lush gardens, and more than 2 million volumes

Must Do: The Dresden

Share a tune with Marty and Elayne, the jazzy pair who’s been performing here for 32 years

Must Do: The Getty Villa

This reproduction of an ancient Roman country estate makes a drive to Pacific Palisades seem like a day trip to Italy

Must Do: The Museum of Jurassic Technology

L.A.’s oddball collection of curiosities has a global following

Must Do: The Price is Right

Even without former host Bob Barker, a shot at winning the Showcase Showdown fulfills a childhood fantasy.

Must Do: TMZ’s Hollywood Bus Tour

Arnold Schwarzenegger getting a trim at the Giuseppe Franco Salon! Reese Witherspoon ordering a White Chocolate Ice Blended at the Coffee Bean! Cruising around town in search of famous people is L.A.’s version of an exotic safari

Must Do: Union Station

Go Noir at Union Station (in 3 Easy Steps)

Must Do: Venice Canals

None of developer Abbot Kinney’s original waterways survive, but two miles of picturesque canals inspired by him and dating to 1905 still offer a retreat from the busy boardwalk