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Emily Ratajkowski Files for Divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard

Court docs obtained by LAMag show that the “Gone Girl" star is legally splitting from the “Uncut Gems" producer

Steve Bannon Arraigned on ‘Build the Wall’ Money Laundering Charges

The ex-Trump advisor and his We Build the Wall organization have been indicted on 6 counts for allegedly stealing $15 million

Applying for a Gun Permit in NY? Hand Over Your Social Accounts

In NY, concealed carry applicants will soon need to have their social media reviewed so that their "character and conduct" may be judged

Gridlock in the U.S.: How Costly Is L.A. Traffic?

The gridlock cost for Angelenos equals a yearly average of $1,816, according to a study by insurance firm Budget Direct

Some Advice for New York Chefs Opening Restaurants in L.A.

The Intolerable Foodie says: Wise up. We’re not Vegas

The Oscar Statue Gets a Makeover

The new Academy Award has sharper eyes, a more defined mouth, and it looks like he's been working out.

Adam Scott’s Guide to New York, New York

The actor finds that the Big Apple never loses kid-appeal

Scene It Before: Location Forensics

Did Debra Morgan really hunt down her own serial killer brother from a police precinct in Miami? A brief investigation into the TV crime dramas that pretend to take place outside of L.A.

The Weekender: Edible Manhattan

From bagels to bucatini, the restaurant scene in the Big Apple is worth a trip all its own

Three Cheers to Us! America’s Best Bartenders Create L.A.-Inspired Drinks

Plus, a recipe from San Diego-based Erick Castro.