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NYT’s Maggie Haberman Faces Backlash for Withholding Trump Threats

Trump said he simply would not leave office, among other secrets Haberman apparently saved for her book in October
Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer Gets Real About L.A. and Hollywood in Her HBO Special

"That's Hollywood's secret. They don't put food in their faces"
La Brea

The New York Times Profiled My Block This Week and I Died a Little

It’s flattering, but New York’s crush on L.A. is kind of crushing, too

5 Most Cringeworthy Slams in the New York Times’ Review of Ruth Reichl’s “Delicious!”

Book critic Dwight Garner dunks Ruth Reichl's new book in the proverbial fryer

Chef Mark Peel on Spending 41 Years in the Kitchen

The New York Times talks to Peel about his aches and pains.

Mark Bittman Gaga for Glendale, Plus Patric Kuh’s Top 10 Armenian

How the New York Times Magazine columnist’s kebab-slinger-of-choice compares with with our own critic’s Armenian favorites.

Cramming for Klosterman: A Study Guide

The New York Times columnist and critic is coming to L.A. to discuss his new essay collection. Want to attend the reading and sound smart? Here's a refresher on all things Klosterman.