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Misers Rejoice at Netflix with Ads, But It Comes with Costs of Its Own

Netflix is offering a less expensive tier with the ads you love so much from regular TV, but it’s got drawbacks as well

Sister of Dahmer Murder Victim Denounces New Netflix Series

The family of Errol Lindsay, who Dahmer tortured and murdered, say the buzzy new show is making them relive the nightmare

Fourth ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Gets the Gang Back Together

Foley, Rosewood, Taggart and Serge are returning to the posh Los Angeles enclave for the first time in almost 30 years

A View From the Top!

L.A.’s billboards aren’t getting any smaller—they just seem that way. Revisiting the golden age of in your face

Dave Chappelle Show Canceled in Minneapolis Over Trans Joke Backlash

Yes, some clubs are still banning the comedian, and this time it's a venue made world famous by Prince, who also helped make Chappelle famous

Finally! Cheap Seats Netflix with Ads Coming in Early 2023

No price yet, and the ad-supported model will launch in select markets at first, but if you want a less pricey Netflix with ads—you'll get it

Cheap Netflix with Commercials Will Be Brought to You By Microsoft

The partnership will help Netflix offer a less pricey subscription in exchange for breaking into “Squid Game 2" with ads at the worst moments

Dave Chappelle Defends Trans Jokes in Surprise New Netflix Release

In ”What’s in a Name?,” the funnyman defends his transgender jokes and addresses why his alma mater's school theater isn’t named after him

Duffer Brothers Launch Upside Down Pictures with 5 Upcoming Projects

On the heels of the “Stranger Things” Season 4 finale, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer are developing a spin-off series, stage play and more

Netflix Axes 300 Staff Members in Latest Revenue-Related Bloodletting

The layoffs continue at the streaming giant after the company axed over 150 employees and contractors earlier this year