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City of Pasadena Creates Tour of Historic Neon

Now you can pop a bottle of neon champagne, enjoy a neon Double Double, and crash for the neon night

A Vintage Neon Survivor Hangs On in Westlake

The rocket-shaped sign is part of a new 7-11 store
Classic L.A.

18 of Your Favorite Classic L.A. Places That Are About to Disappear

A wide range of historic places, from the interior of the Formosa Cafe to Frederick's of Hollywood are fading into history this summer

A Big Donation Will Help the Museum of Neon Art Crackle Back to Life

Vintage signs and electric art go on display in September

Fake “Demolition Notice” Sign Freaks Out South Pasadena

Fans of 1925 movie palace jump into action

Gas Giants: Vintage Neon Signs Come Blazing Back To Life

A giant heart, a spinning globe, and a diving girl light up the night skies after decades in the dark

Vote Yea or Nea for New Neon on Broadway

New standards will help the downtown strip get its glow back

Video Village With Ask Chris: Lowriders At Rae’s

If this classic restaurant didn't close at 4:30 p.m., I would be headed there right now for dinner

The Mystery Of The Monterey Gardens

Noirish cafe photo turns up on eBay

Classic Googie Sign Saved With A Letter Switcheroo

Goody's coffee shop remade into Jeff's sporting goods.