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Neiman Marcus Is Getting in on the Secondhand Shopping Game

The store that sells thousand-dollar doodads wants to help you buy a pre-owned Gucci bag, too

The Luxe Life: Toni Ko

The connoisseur of style talks about the objects of desire currently on her radar

The Luxe Life: Elyse Walker

“My style
 is constantly evolving,
 but there’s always an L.A. twist to it. I’ll mix staples like shredded denim or suede fringe with high-fashion pieces”

Spring Fashion’s Westward Movement

Turquoise and silver jewelry, Native American prints, tribal beading—designers set their sights west

Spring Fashion is on the Loose

Trendsetters have toyed with fringe in the past, but this season they’re swinging to a whole new beat

It’s Elemental: Holiday Gifts Inspired by the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

Out of ideas for presents? Our suggestions, which cover the four elements, include something for everyone—from fiery friends and cool dads to earthy moms and whimsical kids