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sex trafficking

A New National Geographic Series Goes Inside the World of L.A.’s Pimps and Their Prey

The fifth episode of the docuseries 'Trafficked' is a revealing glimpse at one of the city's many dark sides

10 Awesome Things to Do This Weekend, 10/9

It’s not too early to start decorating pumpkins, right?

The Secret Life of L.A.’s Wildlife in Pictures

National Geographic photographer Steve Winter recalls his 15-month experience trying to snap the perfect picture of P22

Eric Greenspan’s Giving Out Free Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on Nov. 3

It's going to be a melty Monday in Mid-City

Catch Them If You Can: The World’s Vanishing Cultures

Two men stand in thigh-deep water in a rippling lake, a heron perched on a reed hoop nearby as masks made from dead birds conceal their faces.