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Update Your Beauty Arsenal for Summer

Don’t let the intensity of this season’s palette scare you. The latest launches are saturated with pigment but go on sheer for a natural finish

Don’t Fear the Faux Tan

Between pasty and Oompa Loompa, there’s a spectrum

New This Month: Fall’s Fashionable Must-Haves

Style editor Linda Immediato’s picks, from no-bleed NARS lipsticks to Louboutin’s new line of nail polish

Bespoken: François Nars

The cosmetics giant talks beauty and Hollywood

13 Things Los Angeles Gained in 2013

Before ringing in 2014, take a look back at thirteen people, places, events, and awards that have made L.A. even cooler in the last twelve months than it already was.

About Face: Nars Declares Its Love With a New L.A.-Themed Makeup Collection

This fall Nars cosmetics cops to its crush on L.A. with a limited-edition set of the city’s best-selling shades. We asked NARS makeup artist Uzo offers two contrasting looks