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Nancy Pelosi Has Donald Trump by the Balls (In a Manner of Speaking)

At key moments, you might see Madam Speaker sporting an interesting piece of jewelry

#PresidentPelosi Trends on Twitter After Donald Trump’s Latest Press Conference

People have the presidential line of succession on the brain
donald trump nancy pelosi impeachment inquiry impeachment memes

Twitter Is Having a Field Day with the Impeachment News

That ”presidential harassment” line did not go unnoticed—now make way for the memes

Nancy Pelosi Announces an Impeachment Inquiry Is Getting Underway

And Donald Trump is crying "PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT"
nancy pelosi drunk video

Pressed on Recent Gun Deaths, a Pissed-Off Pelosi Says “Go Ask Mitch”

The Speaker of the House gave an impassioned response to a question about Congress's inaction on gun violence
adam schiff house intelligence committee

Mild-Mannered Congressman Adam Schiff Has Become the Right’s Favorite Target

Burbank's man on the Hill was blindsided by his Republican colleagues this morning