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Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Husband, Paul, Pleads Not Guilty to DUI Charge

In May, the spouse of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was arrested after crashing his Porsche and failing a breathalyzer in California wine country

Pelosi Calls Out Hypocrisy of Archbishop Who Denied Her Communion

The House Speaker wonders why church bosses like the San Fran archbishop give communion to death penalty fans but not choice supporters

Glendale Becomes Recipient of Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

A Glendale teacher was transferred from her classroom for showing Gay Pride videos

Antitrust Liberals and Anti-Trans Conservatives Team Up Against Big Tech

The passion to take down what some say are monopolistic monsters like Facebook, Amazon and Apple has created an alliance between the aisles

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump as an ‘Accessory’ to the Crimes of January 6

In a conversation with Joy Reid, the California congresswoman discussed impeachment, the insurrection, and more
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California Postal Workers Report Horrendous Conditions Amid USPS Cutbacks

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy "paused" changes at the postal service, but the sorting machine debacle is far from being sorted out

Nancy Pelosi Cancels House Summer Break to Address the Postal Service Situation

Trump's Postmaster General Louis DeJoy will reportedly testify before the House on Monday, August 24

Nancy Pelosi Has Donald Trump by the Balls (In a Manner of Speaking)

At key moments, you might see Madam Speaker sporting an interesting piece of jewelry

#PresidentPelosi Trends on Twitter After Donald Trump’s Latest Press Conference

People have the presidential line of succession on the brain
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Twitter Is Having a Field Day with the Impeachment News

That ”presidential harassment” line did not go unnoticed—now make way for the memes