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Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman has been writing songs, making records, and performing live since the early ’70s, when he formed the Modern Lovers


Lo-Fang is the stage name for Maryland-born singer, songwriter, and classically trained teacher Matthew Hemerlein

British Musician Anna Calvi Brings her Dramatic Songs to Los Angeles

Jimi Hendrix, Django Reinhardt, and John McLaughlin taught her to express her emotions without opening her mouth.

5 Things We Know About Lenny Kravitz (Without Seeing the Documentary About Him)

Musician, singer, and sexy, slithering rock god Lenny Kravtiz is the subject of a new documentary.

TONIGHT: Rock Me, Amadeus

Equal parts pop diva and futuristic alien dandy, Korean violinist Amadeus Leopold returns to L.A.

R.I.P. Ravi Shankar

Last month, we had a chance to talk with the 92-year-old sitar maestro before his final concert.