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The Most Instagram-Worthy Murals in L.A.

Pics or it didn't happen

Matty Mo, AKA The Most Famous Artist, Paints Uber-Popular Selfie Backdrops All Over L.A.

The artists talks murals, advertising, and Instagram

See 14 Historic Murals Scheduled for Major Makeovers

The street art will be touched up under the Citywide Mural Program

L.A. Street Art—Now Powered by Google

The tech giant doubled its database of murals from around the world, then threw a party in the Arts District to celebrate

Isabel Rojas-Williams is on a Mission to Save L.A.’s Street Art

L.A. is considered the mural capital of the world and Rojas is its chief curator

The Problem With Foster The People’s “Public Art”

The band says the downtown mural it commissioned is a gift to the city. Kyle Fitzgerald’s not so sure

Let the Renaissance Begin: L.A. Votes to Lift Mural Ban

Final approval is still required, but today the L.A. City Council voted to overturn the ban that made it illegal to create murals on private property.

Los Angeles Legalizes Murals

City lifts ban on artwork painted on private property

Inspiration Wall: L.A.’s Many Murals of Martin Luther King, Jr.

A photographer captures the many MLK murals of the city