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CityDig: This Map Made L.A. Look Dreamy During the Depression

This 1932 map depicts L.A. as an Eden with palm trees even if it was anything but

CityDig: A Brief History of the Historic Core

This map from 1980 celebrates the 200th anniversary of L.A. and the rise of DTLA

CityDig: A Westside Story

When did the Westside of Los Angeles become the place we know today? This 1926 map explains

CityDig: The Chinese Massacre of 1871

This beat-up map tells the story of one of Los Angeles’ most shameful events

CityDig: The Man Responsible for L.A.’s Over-the-Top Christmas Displays

Angelenos who cruise up Christmas Tree Lane, stroll along the shore during the boat displays in Naples, check out the incredible zoo lights at Griffith Park, and more may owe a lot of their seasonal cheer to George Skinner of Boyle Heights

CityDig: We Like This Map of Jewish L.A. a Whole Latke

In the first U.S. census, there were only eight Jews in the L.A. count. But by the time this map was created in 1990, the population was flourishing

The Metro Gets a Super Mario Upgrade

This is what our subway system would look like in 16-bit

CityDig: California is Not an Island, but Everyone Thought it Was

Our state is not surrounded by water, but this map from 1705 begs to differ

CityDig: What Was Disneyland Like in 1968?

This pictorial gem captures long lost Magic Kingdom rides like Monsanto’s Adventure Through Innerspace and the General Electric Carrousel of Progress