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CityDig: This 1929 Map Tracks L.A.’s Population Boom at the Turn of the 20th Century

A brief primer on how Los Angeles became the first county in the United States to surpass 10 million residents

CityDig: This Map Solves the Riddle of the Los Angeles Angels’ 1893 Night Game

Baseball historians have long debated which field in L.A. hosted the team's summertime game under the stars

CityDig: This 1925 Map Hints at the History of the Hollywood Bowl’s Easter Sunrise Service

The Bowl’s existence is directly connected to the 94-year-old Easter tradition

CityDig: Who Map the World? Girls

In honor of Women's History Month, a look back at the history of female-drawn maps, including this 1922 cartogram by Edna Forncrook

CityDig: The Miraculous Circumstances Surrounding LAPL’s John Feathers Map Collection

The stars aligned in the archival heavens to bring map librarian Glen Creason one of the most touching and surprising moments of his career

CityDig: This 1869 Map Is an Antique Blueprint of Bunker Hill

French Canadian developer Prudent Beaudry bought up the hillside lots for a whopping $517 and turned them into one of L.A.'s most charming neighborhoods

CityDig: This 1939 Map Charts Balboa Island’s Transformation From Swampy Mudflat to Prime Real Estate

The tiny isle's land is second only to Manhattan when it comes to price per square foot

CityDig: You Think You Know MacArthur Park, But You Have No Idea

This 1917 map traces the tumultuous ups and downs of what was once known as West Lake Park

CityDig: This 1938 Map Details Every Dramatic Stretch of the 242-Mile-Long Colorado River Aqueduct

Two reservoirs, five pumping stations, 61 miles of canals, 92 miles of tunnels, and 84 miles of buried conduit funnel water from Arizona to Los Angeles

This Map Throws it Back to When Little Tokyo Was Bronzeville

In honor of Black History Month, map librarian Glen Creason tells the story of a long lost L.A. neighborhood