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Route 66

Automobile Club Releases 90th Anniversary Guide to Route 66

There's no cell signal in the desert

CityDig: Tujunga’s Twisty-Turny Path to Becoming Part of L.A.

This 1918 map shows the old Rancho under new ownership

CityDig: The Future of Los Angeles According to the ’80s

This 1981 map made some accurate predictions. "Floating airport” wasn’t one of them
L.A. maps

CityDig: Los Angeles Was Once a Small Adobe Backwater

This 1849 stunner is the granddaddy of all L.A. maps
Richard Nixon

CityDig: This 2010 Map Charts Richard Nixon’s L.A. Life

See Los Angeles as viewed by one of its native sons

CityDig: Celebrate LGBT History Month With This Colorful 1993 Map of WeHo

A brief history of the neighborhood where the streets are paved in rainbows
Al G. Barnes

CityDig: This 1948 Map Toasts Palm Springs by Roasting It

This "hysterical map" by Jolly Lindgren pokes fun at the resort town's many foibles

CityDig: These Five Maps Tell Very Different Stories About Los Angeles

The recently released book LAtitudes: An Angeleno’s Atlas expresses the soul and spirit of Los Angeles through essay and cartography

CityDig: How Indio Went From Cahuilla to Conchella to Coachella, as Told Through Two Maps

These two maps, one from 1904 and one from 1925, tell the history of that little valley to the southeast