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An Old Brochure Reveals How the Palos Verdes Peninsula Became a Massive Planned Community

In the 1920s, buying into the "most splendid residential district in the West" meant abiding by strict, racist restrictions
pavilions bag map

We Have Some Questions About This Map of Los Angeles

What’s with the Eastside erasure, Pavs?
los angeles place names hollywood sign sunset

This Map Explains the Hidden Ways L.A. Places Got Their Names

The real stories behind ”Echo Park,” ”Bel Air,” and dozens of other local names

This Map of L.A.’s Best Burgers Is Your New True North

In this wonderland of hamburgers that is our city, you need a trustworthy guide

This Beautifully Clever Map Replaces All of L.A.’s Street Names with Movie Titles

Meet us at Jurassic Park just off the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

This Gorgeous Map Will Make You Nostalgic for L.A.’s Old Rancho Days

Way back then, the Spanish and Mexican governments were handing out land grants left and right
Skid Row

CityDig: How Skid Row Became a Gathering Place for the Homeless

This 1921 map shows a downtown district where the down-and-out congregated
Forest Lawn Memorial Park

CityDig: The Glendale Graveyard That’s Anything but Spooky

Not feeling the macabre this Halloween? This map of Forest Lawn Memorial Park couldn’t be more cheerful