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Film Fest Throwdown: Desert vs. Ocean

Trip to Sundance didn’t pan out? No matter. You’ve got a pair of formidable alternatives within easy reach. The only question is: Which direction do you drive?

Ask Chris’s Tour Guide Book Binge: The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book

Take your out-of-town guests on a tour with these 2012 guidebooks.

Your Early Oscar Predictions

If you're the betting type, here are the ten movies most likely to be nominated for an Oscar.

Quick Take: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Why should you care? The indie film is already on most Top 10 Movies of the Year lists. Also, it's really good.

Dial “O” For Obsessed: How The Director Of The New “Hitchcock” Biopic Brought Alfred—and L.A.—Back To Life

A killer Alfred Hitchcock biopic brings the legendary director's L.A. haunts back to life—with a few twists.

Petra Haden Scores

The sort of sequel to The Who Sell Out finds Petra exploring her uncanny talents for vocal mimicry