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Neve Campbell Dumps ‘Scream 6’ After Producers Lowball Her

The offer Campbell received “did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise” over the course of 26 years, she said.

How Mark Rylance Became A Bad Golfer for ‘The Phantom of the Open’ Role

“Sometimes he would be putting and he would accidentally get it in, and he would be like, ‘Awe,’ and we’d be like, ‘Wait, he’s like, good,’” his co-star tells LA Mag.

‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’ Review: Great Idea for Nicolas Cage Movie, But Just OK Results

"This is ultimately a charming buddy movie that loses its way about halfway through when Cage's family starts to play a bigger role"
licorice pizza

A Look Back at Licorice Pizza, the SoCal Record Store P.T. Anderson’s New Movie Is Named After

The Glendale-based chain was a local staple from the late '60s through the mid '80s
he's all that

Millennial Critics Hate ‘He’s All That.’ Blame Their Misplaced Nostalgia for the Original

The 1999 original ’She’s All That’ was perfectly fine, and so is the remake—even if critics won’t say so
last night in soho

Fall Movie Preview: A Dozen Fall Films We Can’t Wait to See

From prestige dramas to sci-fi epics, this fall has it all
ghost world

Why ‘Ghost World’ Was 20 Years Ahead of Its Time

Terry Zwigoff's 2001 cult classic about two alienated teen misfits was far more prescient than anyone gives it credit for
boyz n the hood

How ‘Boyz N the Hood’ Shined a Spotlight on This South L.A. Street 30 Years Ago

Three decades ago, John Singleton's groundbreaking film turned Cimarron Street into a beloved L.A. landmark—and it's still celebrated today

ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres Are Permanently Shutting Down

The affiliated chains will cease operations at all 300 locations—including the iconic Cinerama Dome
movie theaters reopen california

L.A. Movie Theaters Can Reopen Next Week—but Some Cinemas Aren’t Quite Ready

Cinephiles might have to wait just a little longer to get their butts in certain seats