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“Valley Girl” Turns 30

Revisiting "Valley Girl's" haunts to see how they've fared now that the DayGlo has faded.

The Essential Movie Library #27: Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

A stealth masterpiece on first release, within 20 years it would be regarded as the greatest American musical ever made.

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magick: A New Documentary About the Source Family

More than a decade before televangelist Jim Bakker reached the apex of his success, a lesser-known Jim Baker was building one of L.A.’s most enterprising and influential cults.

That’s What She Said: “Aroused” Heats Up Screens

Porn stars aren't stupid. Or evil. Or totally messed up. (At least not any more so than anyone else.) That's the thrust of "Aroused," a documentary that turns the lens on 16 prominent porn queens -- when they're not having sex.

The Essential Movie Library #26: Heat (1995)

Heat prowls a city that has no respect for either interiors or exteriors, where walls are as transient as everything else.

Documentary: Orphans of the Genocide

Filmmaker Bared Maronian aims to raise awareness of the Armenian genocide by focusing on its youngest victims.

His Name is “Mud”: A Q&A with Jeff Nichols

The Arkansas-bred director talks about Mud, a slow-burn drama starring Matthew McConaughey as a fugitive who befriends a teenage boy.

Sushi’s 20 Freshest Pop Culture Moments

From foreign delicacy to supermarket staple, here's how sushi has permeated our cultural consciousness

The Essential Movie Library #24: Sunrise (1927)

The silent era’s pinnacle of what film could be.

Point Break Comes to Screens — Again

The 1991 flick about a bank robbing, koan-spouting surfer and the cop who goes undercover to catch him is being remade.