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jack laxer googie photography death 91

Jack Laxer, Photographer of Googie Architecture, Dies at 91

Legendary 3D photographer captured midcentury L.A.
vintage gas station vintage la texaco

Will Silver Lake’s 1940s Texaco Be Saved From Demolition?

Now an auto shop, the Streamline Moderne structure could become a landmark

Photographer Catherine Opie’s First Film Is an Avant-Garde Meditation on L.A.

The movie was made entirely from still photographs

See the Magnificent Architecture of John Lautner on the Big Screen

The organic modernist created jaw-dropping mid-century palaces

Slide Show: Mini Modernism Week Kicks Off Tourist Season in Palm Springs

Your Chance To Buy Spindly Leg Sofas, Get Drunk in Frank Sinatra’s House, and Road Trip With Peter Moruzzi's Palm Springs Paradise

Modern Architecture Kings Neutra and Schindler Reunite in a New Play

Site-specific production The Princes of Kings Road is being staged at the original Neutra offices in Silver Lake

Starchitect Spotlight: Frank Lloyd Wright

We’re mapping the work of the masterminds who have shaped the L.A. cityscape. This week, a true American classic
Los Angeles Conservancy

Tom LaBonge Honors Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Committee

The councilman stopped by the Capitol Records building to thank the preservation group for 30 years of service
L.A. Landscape

A Kemper Nomland-Designed Doctor’s Office Just Disappeared From the L.A. Landscape

The midcentury building was demolished to make way for apartments

Remembering Reverend Robert Schuller and His Architectural Legacy

Historian Daniel Paul looks back at Richard Neutra's drive-in church and the Crystal Cathedral