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Rollerskating Ghosts, Obese Bikers & A Goth Choir: Wayne Coyne and Moby Need Extras for Video

When Wayne Coyne and Moby go looking for extras for a video, they issue the best casting breakdown ever.

Magical Maestros: Three Amazing Musical Moments In One L.A. Weekend

Encounters with electronica, opera, and ukulele are awe-inspiring.

Moby, Joshua Tree, And The Edge Of Space And Time

That nice Mr. Moby just send over this new collaboration with Mark Lanegan shot around Joshua Tree and around the Mojave.

Moby Still Loves L.A. Architecture

Baffling. Byzantine. Fantastically uncohesive. That's how Moby describes Los Angeles. But he also says, "L.A. has the most diverse, interesting architecture of any city on the planet."