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PETA Picked Sir Paul to Perform at Its 35th Anniversary Party

Beck joined McCartney onstage for a rendition of “Drive My Car”

The 411 on Moby’s Forthcoming Vegan Concept in Silver Lake

For Little Pine, opening soon, the musician teamed with friend and Food Network star Anne Thornton

Steve Carell Wants You to Stop Wasting Water

The actor lends his voice to a new PSA starring L.A.’s unofficial mascot: The Drop

L.A.’s Top Literary Events in April

From a cereal-fueled story time with Neil Gaiman to a meeting of the YA minds, there's something for everyone this month

Moby’s Guide to Nelson, British Columbia

The singer-songwriter retreats to a tucked away town

Moby Checks in With a New(ish) Album, Hotel: Ambient

“I don’t see the interest in seeing a middle-aged musician going out and doing the same tour that he did five or ten years ago”

Chris’s Picks: Weird and Wonderful Events, March 28-30

Moby leading a parade, Jason Schwartzman explaining teenagers, and secret rituals and Aztec cocktails with Maja the white witch. This is why we love L.A.

Framed: In His Photos Moby Imagines a Post-Apocalyptic Baptism and a Uniquely L.A. Cult

Wearing animalistic masks in a variety of banal settings, members of Moby's Cult of Innocents show up in supermarket aisles and traffic tunnels

Moby Is Lost In Space

The proud Angeleno shares his three favorite places to get out of this world

Mariachi Moby Gets Lost Downtown

I would have offered directions, but...