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Dodgers, MLB Unveil Stacked Lineup of All-Star Week Festivities in L.A.

The Dodgers and MLB on Tuesday announced the All-Star Week events, which will kick off on Friday, July 15 in L.A.

Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer is Out for 2 Seasons on Sex Assault Allegations

The Dodgers pitcher won’t be allowed to play again until after his contract expires under a ruling from Major League Baseball

MLB Lockout: What Dodgers and Angels Ticket Holders Need to Know

Here's what to do if you've already purchased tickets to see the Dodgers or Angels play

9 Movies That Will Help Scratch Your L.A. Baseball Itch Until the Season Starts

When will the 2020 season start? No one knows. In the meantime, these movies will take you out to the ballgame