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Ebony Alert potential candidate

Why Missing Black Women and Kids Need an Ebony Alert System

Addressing biases in missing persons cases involving Black people requires Ebony Alerts, not just AMBER Alerts

Suspect No. 1: Inside Daniel Yuen’s Missing Person Case

The 2004 disappearance of a New Jersey teenager sent to a notorious San Bernardino County group home for depression treatment—and his alleged reappearance in San Diego—made national headlines. But was it all a web of lies?

Kanye West and His Collaborator Have Both Gone Missing In L.A.

Kanye West seems to have made himself scarce as a bill collector approached, but his collaborator, Theophilus London, vanished in July

Are Police Stifling the Investigation Into 3 Teens Who Vanished From a Controversial Residential Treatment Facility?

John Inman, Blake Pursley, and Daniel Yuen disappeared from a CEDU facility decades ago. Now, questions swirl about the relationship San Bernardino police had with the shuttered group home

Top Tickets: Motley Crue, Tori Amos, Missing Persons & More

This week's must-see L.A. concerts include a show by the ultimate '80s hair rockers who are out on their final tour before they "retire"