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L.A County Will Raise Minimum Wage in Unincorporated Areas on July 1

The increase to $15.96 an hour is 6.4 percent higher than the current minimum wage for unincorporated workers in the county
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West Hollywood Raises Its Minimum Wage to Highest In the Nation

The city council passed motion to raise the hourly wage to $17.64.
Minimum Wage Raise

City Council Approves Minimum Wage Raise

Minimum wage workers are one big step closer to making $15 per hour in 2020
Raise the Wage LA

This Is What 100,000 Signatures Looks Like

In a spectacular display, signed petitions to raise the minimum wage were presented to city officials in wheelbarrels, mop buckets, and shopping carts

Garcetti Plans to Raise Minimum Wage to $13.25 by 2017

His "Raise The Wage LA" proposal would move nearly 567,000 Angelenos above the poverty line